Yveline and Alain Prat created their vineyards in 1975, thanks in particular to a donation from an uncle. Georges was a real entrepreneur. He knew that in order to create a great produce you need to invest in the best ingredients , This is a philosophy that Yveline and Alain have always followed, looking for the best soil to grow each grape of their assemblages and thus expanding their vineyards on different slopes of the Champagne area

When creating their new exclusive brand in 2002 they naturally choose the name Georges de la Chapelle.

Wine growers at heart, Yveline and Alain take all possible steps to ensure the use of grapes of the highest quality

The wines are stored in modern cellars with state of the art technology to get the optimum control of the flavours and the quality. Yveline and Alain use their passion for the flavours and their love of wines to create every vintage.

Respect of tradition, love of nature and a touch of modernity: this is the recipe to create the Champagnes GEORGES DE LA CHAPELLE, wines of passion and character...
Creating a vineyard

The vineyards

In 1975 moved by the same passion for the work in the vineyards, Yveline and Alain Prat started growing vines on the slopes of Vert-Toulon in the heart of the Cotes de Congy on the edge of the Cote des Blancs which gives beautiful Chardonnay grapes. Rapidly they found great plots in the Vall´┐Że de la Marne to grow their fruity Pinot Meunier. In 1982 looking for the best terroir to get their Pinot Meunier grapes they were lucky to find vineyards in Meurville in the Cote des Bars.

Since then they have expanded their vineyards to 13 Ha over the the Champagne area with always this idea: find the best soil to give the more flavoursome grapes.

The cellars

Being wine growers and Recoltants Manipulants we control every step of the creation of the champagnes allowing us traceability, freedom and creativity. With modern and state of the art cellars we are able to ensure rigorous and high end quality for the our exclusive Champagnes.

Using only the first juice from the grapes selected from our more richest soils, we are able to play with our assemblages. Once we find the one matching our vision we are able to let them aged in our spacious cellars leaving time to add the last touch of originality.
Champagne looking ahead

Looking ahead

With new Cuvées ageing in the cellars we are looking forward to extand the range of Champagnes Georges de la Chapelle. We are pleased to be working with enthusiast importers and seeing our champagnes travel around the world.

In 2015 our Champagne Nostalgie was voted best imported sparkling wine at the Topten 2015 in Sao Paulo. We hope you will also be part of the Georges' lovers. Enjoy and have fun with our Champagnes!