Growing: December - August

Being a wine grower is all about loving nature and being patient. We have to care about the vines all along the year to harvest beautiful grapes. Starting with a decisive pruning, the year continues with tieing up the vines, desuckering and trellising. All this work aims to get the best sunny exposition and growth conditions for the grapes.


A year of work to grow beautiful grapes
<span>Growing:</span> December - August

Harvest: September-October

The harvest is a stressful but joyful and exciting time. We got stressed because until the grapes are in the press we don't know what the future wine will be. But this is also part of the excitement: will this be a vintage year? Will we be able to get different flavours enbling a different blend? This is also a joyful time given that we harvest the grapes we have been working so hard along the year to grow and protect. We share these feelings with all our team of hand-pickers during 10 days full on days and are rewarded by the first juice out of the press. All is left now is the craftmanship to develop beautiful Champagnes over the next years...


The end of a year and the start of many more
<span>Harvest:</span> September - October

blending: November - April

At the end of the harvest the grape juice has gone through the first alcoholic fermentation to become a wine. After a malolactic fermentation and clarification, the next few month are spent tasting each tun to decide the final blend. This is a time for discussion ( sometimes arguments ?) between Yveline and Alain to decide the profile of the future Champagnes. The Champagnes are then bottled and will go through the second alcoholic fermentation transforming into Champagne.


Creating the Champagne of the future
<span>blending:</span> November-April

Ageing: Let the Champagne decides...

We will store the bottles at least 2 years for our brut and rosé and 5 years for the Champagne Nostalgie. Along that time the wine will slowly develop different aromas and we will sample a bottle from time to time. When we finally think the Champagne are ready, the bottles go through riddling and disgorgement to put their final cork on. With their label on they are now ready for you to enjoy!


Leave time to put its touch on the Champagne
<span>Aging:</span> Let the Champagne decides